Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Ongoing Saga of Zipper

Apparently, Zipper (aka Brigit's bum, because who doesn't name their body parts and then create entire separate lives for them??) has been experiencing an uptick in visitors lately. We have Zipper conversations daily (which, by the way, you're welcome for not sharing the exact same story every single freakin' day) but this morning, there were some new parties. It seems that times are tough for Goblin, what with the needing to use a little ladder to get that muddy snowball in position, so Goblin has taken on help. In the form of a dog and a wolf. I'm not sure exactly what the dog and wolf do, they may help with the chicken eggs that become Zipper's babies (I couldn't make this shit up). Details to be added as soon as I figure out what in the hell is going on.

So, since I don't have details, and I hate to deprive my mom and dad of their "OMG, I'm glad that this is our granddaughter and not our daughter" stories, here is last night's gem. Which, honestly, pains me to share. Because I do not like scatological humor. But these are the facts, ma'am.

Brigit: Oooone.
Brigit: Twoooo
Brigit: Threeee

Me: Brigit, you can count!

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