Friday, July 3, 2009

What would you do?

Behind this door lies one sleeping girl. One sleeping girl who, having foregone her regular daycare-induced nap, fell asleep at 6 PM, in the midst of a screaming "I'll kick the wall if I want to kick the wall and don't you dare move the chair away from the wall or I will diiiiiieeee" fit.

6 PM. Before dinner. Before teeth brushing.

Before putting on a night-time pullup.

It is now approaching 9:30.

In the inimitable words of Dr Seuss:
"What would you do, if your mother asked you?"

Because I would much rather keep watching the Greatest Movie That Ever Was Ever Is and Ever Shall Be (aka Empire Strikes Back). But I have this fear of waking up to screams at 3 AM, screams accompanied by a soaked mattress. Would you do what I am about to dare- to risk waking the monster in order to secure the pullup?

Wish me luck.

Once more into the breach, we few, we happy few.

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