Thursday, July 23, 2009

An update from our friend, Zipper

Remember Zipper? I know you're all dying for an update. DYING, I say, to learn about what Brigit's bum has been up to. More than you care about diabetic turmoil, am I right?

Tyler: Brigit, what comes out of Zipper?
Brig: Pink when he's closed.
Tyler: And when he's open?
Brig: Purple.

Me: How's Zipper doing, Brig?
Brig: He has babies in him.
Me: Really? How will they come out?
Brig: From his bum. I mean, his zipper.
Me: How did they get in there?
Brig: My grandpa put them there.

Me: Did you have a good day today?
Brig: Yes because of my Zipper. He's my friend.
Me: Isn't Zipper your bum?
Brig: Yes, I love my bum Zipper.

* Yeah, everything's a "he" to Brig - I choose not to be too freaked out (only a little major amount).

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