Monday, April 20, 2009

Turnoff Week

On my way home from my nightly run to the grocery store after the kids go to bed, I heard a program on the radio about Turnoff Week. Well, I thought, have I got some turnoffs I could tell them about. Ok, that's not true, I can't think of any turnoffs. Except for, you know, the idea of more babies. TURNOFF.

Turns out, though, that they were talking about the annual Turnoff Week, sponsored by the Center for Screen-Time Awareness. Wow, did I get that wrong?

So I rushed right home to share this news with all of you. But then, I thought how hypocritical is it to BLOG about an event that requires you to turn off your computer? So I started writing it out by hand. Old school.

But my hand started cramping, and my carpal tunnel flared up. And when I tried to read what I'd written, I got a headache. Jesus, my handwriting has gotten abysmal. Too much dependence on this high-falutin' keyboard machines. Maybe these CSA folks are on to something.

Then I realized, shit, who can read this, if I can't read it and none of you are in my kitchen, where you too could enjoy saying things like, "what the fuck is that?" and "Where did you learn to write, monkey school??" How, how would you ever know that you are supposed to be NOT looking at your computer right now?

So I sat down instead to type this up.

But now I realize, you are looking at your computer RIGHT NOW. And you're not supposed
to be. Shit.

Turnoff week 2009, duration = 5 minutes.

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