Friday, October 30, 2009

Bedtime with Brigit

Me: Brigit, why is there a package of diapers in your bed?
Brigit: Because I got scared.
Brigit: And I put the package in my bed and then I went to sleep.
Me: That's a little weird.
Brigit: Thanks!


Brigit: And when my grandma was a little girl, like me, she had a mom.
Me: That's right, Grandma had a mom.
Brigit: And her name was Muckwhomp.
Me: That's right, Muckwhomp West.


Brigit: Mickey Mouse don't like poops.
Me: Oh?
Brigit: Yes, but she likes pees.
Me: When are you going to start going in the potty?
Brigit: I like poops. They're interesting.

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Katie said...

Kids are awesome. One of my favorites in my family is coming home from a trip to the LA museum of natural history. We asked my stepson how he liked it, and he burst out with "Shere Khan is chasing me, and I have only underwear on!" We were in the car, and I am pretty sure there were no tigers in there with us. We laughed about that for months. WOW.

Brigit must be lots of fun! :)